We could tell you about our patients’ excellent care, but we know that they can do a much better job. Below we’ve provided a selection of statements from our patients speaking about their positive experience with us. If we have been fortunate enough to serve you at our location, why not share your own experiences? You can leave your testimonial on any of our networks.

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"Very caring & compassionate..."

“Dr. Courtney found my pain was due to the metal ball disintegrating. He replaced the metal with a ceramic one. He then found he had to replace the lid as that was destroyed by the metal. I have had very little pain Dr. Courtney is very caring and compassionate. He is the surgeon if you need a hip revision.”

Noreen W. – October 2022

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"Made it so easy to understand..."

“Had a great deal of pain after falling down and breaking my left hip but did not heal well due to other co-morbidity. Dr. Courtney took the time to listen, explain and advise me of my treatment options. Never pushed anything that wasn’t necessary. Even when explaining the surgery, he made it so easy to understand.”

Anonymous – June 2022

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"I left his office confident..."

“I was so pleased to finally find a doctor who is so knowledgeable. He explains matters clearly and thoroughly with a friendly demeanor and, more important, listens to me when I try to describe the pain I am experiencing. He reduced the stress I was going through and I left his office confident that he would resolve my issue with my knee.”

Carol Z. – July 2022

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“Worth the 4 hour trip..."

“I had a serious pelvis break, requiring a very complex surgery because I already had a prosthetic hip. Dr. Courtney is top of his field, personable, kind and provided a restorative surgery that will enable my best recovery. I felt extremely lucky to be referred to him. Rothman Institute has always provided excellent care for me and the many people I have referred. Uniformly five star service. Well worth the 4 hour trips from my home. This level of care is not available anywhere near my home.”

Alyvia C. – June 2021

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"Helpful throughout recovery..."

“Dr Courtney did a knee revision surgery on my right knee in Jan.2021. Although it has been a rough rehab, as most knee revisions are, Dr. Courtney is an excellent surgeon. Had it done @ Jefferson center city Philadelphia, I’m 7 weeks post-op and getting better by the week. I also would like to mention Dr Courney’s P/A who was very helpful throughout recovery.”

Joan L. – March, 2021

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